Seat Alhambra Webasto hilfe

Hi, I have Seat Alhambra 1.9 TDI year 2005, I have noticed webasto under the rear left tyre, but I have been looking for a month now and still don’t know how to turn it on, I have checked under the car seats front and rear but couldn’t find it. So anyone could help me I would appreciate it.


Dear Daniell,

your Webasto for sure is an Eberspaecher. D5S-F, I presume.

Well, to jump start it, you will need to short circuit the sensor, which should auto start the heater below 10 degr. C.

The sensor is located on the lefthand side of the vehicle in the front section. It is clipped to the windshield wiper assy.

In this thread, the last picture shows the sensor. It is that gold capped thingy.

Remove the plug and short the contacts in the plug.
This is the starting signal for the heater.

If it does not show any action after a minute, you may need to attach a computer to read fault codes from the heater.
Also, you may want to closely inspect the connector of the cable leading from the car chassis to the heater unit.
The insulation of the big red cable near the connector sometimes breakes open and the copper insides corrodes away, which may corrupt the power supply to the heater.

Good luck!



Edelstahl Thank you very much i will try it.