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Dear Friend

Sorry but cannot understand German. I have read tis with electronic translation. So, please understand that I cannot be under this matter 100%.

I wish to install the sensor in the bootle. I have new bottle, the sensor, but really cannot find the connector or the cables. I know that they are out of instrument panel.

Can anybody help me, please.

Sorry forgrt to tell you, Sharan MK1 1.9 TD1, 1998.

Thanks everybody.



hat denn jemand mal nachgerüstet?

Wasserstandsschalter 7M0 919 376 und Dichtring 7M0 919 382 rein, codieren, fertig?


Dear Friends

Sorry cannot write in German.

I have a 1998 TDi Sharan. I have the watter bottle and the sensor. However they are not connected. I cannot find the cable. I have the light in the tacho always in. Can anybody help me and give some ideas wher can find this cable ?


( I cannot find it near the the other cables or near the Temp. sensor in the photo)


I searched for this wires too, but there are no wires, I beleive, they were only build-in, if the car still was fitted with this sensor by the manufacturer. The wires will only exist, if they are used, I think they are not build-in.

Is your bottle a spare-part, and not a origin-part ? Is it changed after a crash or so?


I hope you´ll understand, what I wanted to say…

my english is not so good :roll:


Dear Sharibo

I really believe the cables are there. I start to install cruise control in the car, cables were there, then I saw I also have cables for computer bord, and decide to put it so I have change instrument painel. The original painel does not have the sensor led, but the second one yes.

I have buy an original bottle all prepared, with sensor.

I also had install iluminated sunvisors (cables were there), then lights in the doors (cables were there).

Now the sensor, I believe the cable is also somewhere, because I take out the inst. painel again and the pin has there a cable connected, with rigt colour, and so on. Just cannot finf the other side of this cable. I always can put a new cable, but for the moment I prefer to look some more.



dear jocazeze,

please, complete your PROFIL (Modell of your SGA, engine, etc.).

Does your car look like this: :sga: ?

I think in the sga manufacted until 2000, there were a lot of things, built in (used or not).

But in the sga after 2000, VW has canceled a lot, in order to save money.

For example the GRA :

In older sga the wires are available .

In the modern sga you must complete them .

My Sharan is from 2001, and I cannot find the wires for the sensor.

I don´t know, whether the wires are installed or if they have to be supplemented from the CentralElectric to the location of the sensor (similar to the GRA).


oh my english :roll:

an die anderen:

also google-Übersetzer, macht krank…


That´s it !!!

I have a 1.9 TDI Sharan 1998 MK1.

So I believe you are wright !!

Does anybody can put a picture of the sensor similar the one in first page but where we can see the colour cables ?



In the new sga , the colours are yellow/black and brown/white, perhaps may the wires be coloured in the old sga, too



Yellow/black from the instruments cluster (pin 13, black connector) and Brown/White from the negative. Is this correct ?



I don´t know „pin 13, black connector“, because my document is for newer modell from 05/2001 and there it´s T32a/pin6, green connector

Yes, in my documents brown/white ist negative for sensor

solong sharibo